Triple goddess Celtic spiral necklace

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To the ancient Celts, Cherry was considered a sacred tree renowned for its many curative properties. Used for intuition, focus and stability it can help us in the realization of our goals and dreams. The gift of a piece of cherry wood is said to bring good fortune and future happiness to the days to come!
This very unique hand-carved Triple goddess Celtic spiral necklace will be made for you, or a loved one, in my studio on the West of Ireland.



Encircled with a sterling silver ring into a side groove, this very intricate Triple goddess Celtic spiral necklace features an piece of Irish cherry wood, recycled from musical instruments constructed by a local luthier. As a musician myself, I take enormous satisfaction in creating a piece of jewellery whose inherent wood has previously featured in a beautiful hand-made harp.

The 3 branch spiral represents the triple goddess, three female figures, described as the maiden, the mother, and the crone, each of which symbolizes both a separate stage in the female life cycle (maiden: innocent and pure — mother: compassionate and nurturing — crone: experienced and wise).
The oldest symbol in Celtic culture, the spiral was also used to represent the sun and is, to this day a symbol honoring our connection with Nature.

This Triple goddess Celtic spiral necklace depicts 7 spirals and 3 triskelions. The number 7 is one of the most magical number and has been revered in ancient pagan religions throughout the world. In Ireland, the seventh son of the seventh son possessed magical abilities! The number 3 is reflective of the the Celtic belief that everything important in this world comes in threes, such as the triple goddess, the primary elements and the stages of one’s life.

This lovely Celtic spiral necklace is the perfect gift for anyone with Irish heritage or for someone who resonates with the Celtic myths and traditions of the natural world. This is a unique addition to anybody’s jewellery collection.

– Irish cherry wood, sanded to a smooth finish
– Organic oil & beeswax finish to seal the wood & enhance its natural color
– The carved piece is enclosed into a side groove with a sterling silver ring
– Pendant size: 55 mm long / 2.1 inches
– On a 16 Inches (40cm) or 18 Inches (45cm) sterling silver snake chain

Your necklace will arrive to you ready for gift giving via International Express air mail, with tracking.
Your order will be shipped within 1-2 days of ordering.

Please, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or requests.

* Note that exact size and shade of wood may vary from the photos on this website as each piece is unique and made by hand.

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2 reviews for Triple goddess Celtic spiral necklace

  1. Cormac O’Neill (verified owner)

    These are exquisite hand made pieces made with beautiful exotic wood, yew, rosewood, holly, each with a story, the wood and the piece. Service is impeccable, my order arrived promptly three days later, Thank you Juliette.

  2. Bob Holly (verified owner)

    A beautiful intricate pendant bought for my wife. Despite the problems with the UK Royal Mail, it arrived in time for Christmas.
    Thanks Juliette

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