A little bit about me

Juliette In the guitar's workshop

My name is Juliette and I live in Galway, on the Atlantic coast of Ireland since 1996. Shortly after arriving in this great & lively Irish town, I met Paul Doyle, a local luthier where I served my apprenticeship and specialized in the decoration and adornment of stringed instruments. As well as using more traditional materials such as mother of pearl and abalone shell, I utilized a variety of both native and exotic woods in my inlays and bindings.

During my apprenticeship, I discovered a passion for wood carving and Celtic jewellery making, incorporating these same woods and delicate techniques into my designs, my main focus being on creating unique pieces that showcase the beauty of Irish culture and tradition. They quickly proved very popular with both friends and neighbours. This encouraged me to set up a stall in the renowned Galway market. Trading under the name “Fretmajic”, my stall has been frequented every weekend for the last 20 years by customers and admirers from every corner of the globe. Today, I continue to expand and diversify my business, creating pieces inspired by the beautiful nature on my doorstep in Connemara. If you ever come to Galway drop by and say hello!

Fretmajic is registered with the Crafts Council of Ireland which has over 1700 registered craftspeople in the island of Ireland. All members work tirelessly to uphold high quality craftsmanship.