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To the Druids, the Celtic Tree of Life symbolized the connection between heaven and earth, for the Celts believed that trees were the ancestors of man and had a connection to other worlds.
This beautiful and unique hand-carved rosewood Celtic tree pendant will be made for you, or a loved one, in my studio on the West of Ireland.




Encircled into a side groove with a sterling silver ring and adorned with abalone shell & silver inlays, this delicately carved Celtic tree pendant features a piece of rosewood, recycled from guitars constructed by a local luthier. As a musician myself, I take enormous satisfaction in creating a piece of jewellery whose inherent wood has previously featured in a beautiful hand-made guitar. Also, part of rosewood’s attractiveness is its durability and ability to stand the test of time and of course the beauty of its grain and color.

In Celtic mythology trees were perceived as a connection to the spirit world. Indeed, our ancestors held the belief that some trees were a portal between the material world and the underworld. They served as messengers between the two realms and conferred blessings on those who passed between them.
The reason the ancient Irish legal system held trees in such high regard was due to their enormous value to Irish society. Trees served as a multi-layered ecosystem which provided for every aspect of traditional life. They served as monuments, created sacred spaces & ceremonial center points. They gave food, medicines, shelter, tools, weapons and even formed the ancient Irish alphabet (Ogham).  They featured heavily in Irish myths and legends, such was their importance that to this day 13,000 Irish towns have trees within their names!

This beautiful Celtic tree pendant is the perfect gift for anyone with Irish heritage or for someone who resonates with the Celtic myths and traditions of the natural world. This is a unique addition to anybody’s jewellery collection.

– Rosewood inlaid with mother of pearl & sterling silver, sanded to a smooth finish
– Non-toxic oil finish to seal the wood & enhance its natural color
– The carved piece is enclosed into a side groove with a sterling silver ring
– Pendant size : 45 mm / 1.77″ long
– On 16″ (40 cm), 18″ (45 cm) or 22″ (55 cm) brown waxed nylon necklace

Your lovely pendant will arrive to you ready for gift giving via registered air mail, delivered upon signature.
Your order will be shipped within 1-2 days of ordering.

Please, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or requests.

* Note that exact size and shade of wood may vary from the photos on this website as each piece is unique and made by hand.

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  1. Christopher Dalrymple


    I want to say what a nice shop you have made.
    I am a regular customer of your website.
    I had visited your store last month, and I saw a very nice product i wanne buy.
    But I have a question! today I wanted to order it, but can not find the item anymore in your shop.
    The product looks like the first picture on this shop. http://bit.ly/pictureproduct5674
    Mail me if you are going to sell it again.
    I’ll wait.


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