5000 Year Old Irish Bog Oak Earrings


During the nineteenth century bog oak was used to make carved decorative items such as jewellery.
I am delighted to introduce these contemporary Irish bog oak earrings – a unique forging of ancient bog oak and modern design.


Adorned with Sterling silver inlays, these outstanding and unique hand-carved 5000 year old Irish Bog Oak earrings will be made for you, or a loved one, in my studio on the West of Ireland.

Bog Oak comes from ancient forests that once covered Ireland. Huge oaks have been buried in peat bogs and preserved from decay by the acidic and anaerobic bog conditions, sometimes for hundreds or even thousands of years. The wood is usually stained black by tannin dissolved in the acidic water. Bog-wood represents the early stages in the fossilization of wood, with further stages ultimately forming lignite and coal over a period of many millions of years.
Known as King of the forest for its strength and longevity, the Oak was sacred to the ancient Celts and is considered one of the three primary magical woods.

Light and elegant, these bog oak earrings are suitable for both everyday wear and for that special occasion! They are the perfect gift for anyone with Irish heritage or for someone who resonates with the Celtic myths and traditions of the natural world.
These long earrings make a beautiful 5 Year Anniversary gift, as wood is the traditional gift representing 5 years of marriage.

– 5000 year old Irish Bog Oak, sanded to a smooth finish
– Non-toxic oil finish to seal the wood & enhance its natural color
– Sterling silver inlays and ear hooks
– Earring size: 50 mm / 2″ from the bottom of the hooks

These unique earrings made from ancient bog-wood will arrive to you ready for gift giving via International Express air mail, with tracking.
Your order will be shipped within 1-2 days of ordering.

Please, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or requests.

I have a genuine love for my craft and take great pride in the creation of each individual piece. Even more so when it is a customized order. Please note that the grain and color of the wood may vary slightly from the pieces modeled in the photographs.


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