5000 year old Irish bog oak Celtic Tree of life necklace

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This intricate carving of the Celtic tree of life, features a piece of beautifully aged Irish bog oak. One of the most sacred tree, the Oak was seen by our Irish ancestors to have possessed magical properties. Its roots pierced the underground realms of the Otherworld, whilst its branches reached high into the heavens.



This Irish bog oak Celtic Tree of life necklace is the perfect gift for anyone with Irish heritage or for someone who resonates with the Celtic myths and traditions of the natural world.

In Celtic mythology trees were perceived as a connection to the spirit world. Indeed, our ancestors held the belief that some trees were a portal between the material world and the underworld. They served as messengers between the two realms and conferred blessings on those who passed between them. The Celts believed that the Tree of Life was a symbol of longevity, wisdom and strength.
Countless Irish legends revolve around trees. One could fall asleep next to a particular tree and awake in the fairy realm.
Celtic knots date back to the 3rd to 4th century B.C. Drawn in one continuous line, suggesting a continuous movement of time, they represent infinity and eternal life. They symbolize faith, declare love & unity between people, and even protect against evil spirits.

Bog oak comes from ancient forests that once covered Ireland. Huge oaks have been buried in peat bogs and preserved from decay by the acidic and anaerobic bog conditions, sometimes for hundreds or even thousands of years. The wood is usually stained black by tannin dissolved in the acidic water. Bog-wood represents the early stages in the fossilization of wood, with further stages ultimately forming lignite and coal over a period of many millions of years.
Known as King of the forest for its size, enduring strength and longevity, the oak was sacred to the ancient Celts and is considered one of the three primary magical woods.

– 5000 year old Irish bog oak, sanded to a smooth finish
– Beeswax & organic oil finish to seal the wood & enhance its natural color
– Pendant size: 40mm / 1.57 Inches long
– On an adjustable black waxed cotton cord necklace with a green wooden bead

This unique bog oak Celtic Tree of life necklace will arrive to you ready for gift giving via International Express air mail, with tracking.
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* Note that exact size and shade of wood may vary from the photos on this website as each piece is unique and made by hand.



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6 reviews for 5000 year old Irish bog oak Celtic Tree of life necklace

  1. Bill Gary (verified owner)

    Incredible work. Very beautiful. My wife loves it.

    Juliette is great.

  2. Manu Slide (verified owner)

    Superbe pièce. Le cadeau a été grandement apprécié !

  3. Olivier PONS (verified owner)

    Magnifiquement ciselés, les pendentifs de Juliette sont différents, humains, uniques, celui-ci est mon 3ème depuis cette découverte sur le petit marché de Galway il y a plus de 10 ans. Un travail fin qui attire le regard, une oeuvre d’art miniature à avoir toujours sur soi, cet arbre de vie en vieux chêne des tourbières possède une âme douce et apaisante. Superbe travail !

  4. Christopher Dillon (verified owner)

    Fantastic pieces! Rather than as a necklace I asked Juliette to craft for use as an inlay for a larger work I was creating. She was able to match woods for color balance. When asked she also did a quickly delivered additional pieces.

  5. Curtis (verified owner)

    I love my Tree of Life necklace, beautiful work and look forward to more items.

  6. Sarah Breen (verified owner)

    Really beautifully carved and something I shall really treasure.
    Thank you ☘️

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