Irish Willow Celtic Triskele pendant


The Willow tree was a sacred to the Celts and was associated with enchantment, growth, healing and protection. This  unique hand-carved Irish Willow Celtic Triskele pendant will be made for you, or a loved one, in my studio on the West of Ireland.



This delicately carved Celtic Triskele pendant features a piece of Irish willow wood, recycled from musical instruments constructed by a local luthier. As a musician myself, I take enormous satisfaction in creating a piece of jewellery whose inherent wood has previously featured in a beautiful hand-made harp!

Willow is the fourth letter of the ogham alphabet ‘Saille’ and the fifth month of the Celtic tree calendar. A symbol that Spring has come, it is the first tree to flower in Spring, so loved by bees, and the last tree to lose its vibrant colours in Autumn.
A fallen Willow twig can float downstream and set down roots wherever the current takes it. In this way, more than any other tree the Willow became a symbol of overcoming adversity and held special spiritual significance in Celtic culture.

Found inscribed on megalithic tombs in Ireland, the Triskelion (also named Triskele or Celtic Spiral) is the emblem of Ireland’s ancient culture. The motif consisting of three interlocked spirals is considered magical and is said to symbolize the forces of Nature (earth, fire and water). The symbol is also used to illustrate motion: personal growth, evolution, progress, and spiritual expansion.

– Irish Willow, sanded to a smooth finish
– Non-toxic oil finish to seal the wood & enhance its natural color
– Pendant size : 35 x 30mm / 1.35″ x 1.2 Inches long
– Necklace comes on a light brown waxed nylon necklace
– With a quality cast and lead free pewter Trinity Celtic bail attached
– Your necklace will come presented on a lovely gift card
– I use International Express air mail with a tracking (unless otherwise requested)

This beautiful and unique Celtic Triskele pendant will arrive to you ready for gift giving via International Express air mail, with tracking.
Your order will be shipped within 1-2 days of ordering.

Please, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or requests.

* Note that exact size and shade of wood may vary from the photos on this website as each piece is unique and made by hand.

Thank you for choosing Fretmajic.


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