Welcome to Fretmajic!

Fretmajic celtic wooden jewellery is handcrafted by Juliette. The name Fretmajic was inspired by two things: The fretsaw, which is the main tool used in the making of the jewellery she creates, and the fretboard of a guitar which is typical of the kind of off-cuts of wood she uses to make her jewellery.

Juliette works from her small home studio in the West of Ireland, using only natural material such as wood, shells, silver and copper. The pieces are made by hand out of local Irish hardwoods such as oak, yew (yew and oak are known to be sacred woods to the ancient inhabitants of Ireland), elm and cherry, various bogwoods (which have been buried and partly fossilized in the bogland for over 5000 years) and exotic hardwoods from all over the world such as rosewood, ebony, boxwood. Each of these woods are unique in their beauty, offering a great variety of colors and grain patterns. Have a look on the about page to see the selection of the woods she works with and feel free to request any of these woods for your special piece! You can also send an email for any special or unusual request.

Using the techniques of piercing, sawing and inlaying, each piece is individually crafted with great care and attention to detail. Each piece is created according to the ancient method of celtic knotwork and the symbols represent eternal life and the contemplation of the infinite cycles of birth and rebirth in both physical and ethereal realm. On the about page you will find some informations on the symbolism.

Juliette honours these rare and valuable woods by creating unique pieces. Because she believes in eco-friendly hardwoods practice, she mostly uses (and recycles) the offcuts from the musical instrument making. To complement the jewellery she finishes the pieces with natural oils.

Celtic Wooden Jewellery handmade by Juliette in Ireland.