Hi Juliette,
Having bought some of your earrings for myself and loving them I now want to buy my mum and a friend birthday presents from you! For my mum I would like the ebony triskel necklace on the silver chain. For my friend I would like to get a matching necklace with silver chain and earrings - I like the love knot design and would like to get a set either in the koa wood or alternatively in bog oak.
Best Wishes,

Juliette- your package arrived safe & sound this a.m. They are all lovely. Here's hoping they go well. I'm sure I am going to want some more earrings. Thanks for being so prompt.

Dear Juliette,
Thank-you for sending me the pendant I ordered. It's a thing of beauty and is great to have something of Ireland with me all the way out here. I also like to create and might have to check out the fretsaw. Hope you have a great christmas (if you get into that sought of thing) and maybe I'll order something in the New Year. Thanks again cheers!

I am Rosario from Spain... I have my love knot already, and it is beautiful. Thank you very much. A friend of mine explained the history of the knot to me, and I liked much.
Thank you again Juliette
Spanish kisses!!

The pendants arrived Tuesday. They are beautiful! I especially like the "shield." Your work is so detailed.
Thank you again.

Hey Juliette!
Just wanted to say thank you for the earrings. I received them a few weeks ago, and just haven't been online in a while to reply. they're positively lovely! I wear them everyday with my matching necklace. Thank you so much for making a custom earring for me. Your work is beautiful and creative. maybe someday i'll run into you again in Galway. till then! be well and full of joy,

Dear Juliette,
I have just received the necklace in my mailbox!
Thank you, it is beautiful and very fitting for my sister, her hair is also the same colour as the wood! I will see her probably at the end of this week and am very happy to be able to give her such a beautiful present.
Kind regards,

Hi Juliette,
My wife and I purchased 3 pieces from you while we were visiting Galway last week. When we first arrived on Sept 6th in Galway we found you at the market and purchased a piece as a present for our niece. Over the next couple of weeks we cycled and hiked our way around northwest Ireland . At the same time we were looking for some unique pieces of jewelry to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. We looked at a lot of jewelry in a lot of stores but none of it appealed to us as much as what we had seen at your booth in the market. So on our way from Donegal to Shannon airport we stopped again at your spot and purchased two more triskels. I hope you remember us. All of this is to say that the pieces are absolutely beautiful!!!! We are very happy that we found something that really struck a chord in both of us. So this note is just to say merci for creating the pieces!
Take care and hopefully we cross paths again sometime,
Gerry, Toronto Canada

Howyah Juliette,
Thanks for the bog oak piece and the cross that you showed me is more than perfect. In fact I'd really appreciate if you could double that order and create another one, very similiar to it, for myself. But the one for me is not to have the silver celtic thing that you put the chain through. Although it will have a hole please.
I look forward to seeing you and the crosses next saturday.

So my girlfriend is studying abroad in Ireland right now and she just got me an eternity knot from your open air market, and I just wanted to let you know it is a perfect necklace, and I'm going to wear it every day... I'm sure you get compliments all the time about your work, but it really is wonderful.
A new fan from America,

Hi Juliette,
I got the chain and cross today in the post! Thank you so much, it's really beautiful, and thank you for sending it so quickly, that was a real surprise.
If I am in Galway again I will pop by to say hi. Thanks again, I really love it, I've been looking for this exact one for a while.
All the best,

Dear Juliette,
I have been remiss in letting you know that your beautiful pendants arrived. They are everything I wanted them to be and more. On Oct. 28, the 5th month anniversary of my son's death, I gave one to each of my daughters, to my husband and myself. We wear them to remember the love that binds us together with David, our son, their brother, with each other.
Thank you,

Celtic Wooden Jewellery handmade by Juliette in Ireland.